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Enhancing Results Culture

Rapid results approach orientation workshop
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Performance Assessment

Track performance of Government expenditure and ensure delivery of required results
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Results Oriented Public Service

National Audit Office (NAO) , 2017- 2018 Good Performance Public Institution
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Ministry of Transport and Public Works - 2017 - 2018, Good Performance Public Institution
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Results Oriented

Mzimba Northern Region Office Block and Staff Houses almost completed under the Mzimba Water Supply Project.

Our Services

We provide an efficient and effective oversight, coordination and supervision of results-oriented performance delivery systems to all MDAs, through the following assessments;


Performance Contract

A PC is a freely negotiated performance agreement between Government and the institution.

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Policy, Programmes and Projects

Enhancing effective implementation & monitoring of PPP's.

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Recurrent Budgets

To promote effective flow and judicious utilization of recurrent budget resources.


Developments Budgets

To promote effective flow and judicious utilization of development budget resources.

Who are we?

PED exists to provide oversight in the performance of national development in programmes, projects and recurrent services in MDAs
1     Announcements !!
The Performance Enforcement Department is appealing to all MDAs to start preparation of Performance Contracts for 2018/19 Financial Year. In the same vein, the MDAs are also reminded to start compiling their Annual Performance Reports for the current financial year (2017/18).
2     Events
3     Performance Contract Guidelines
4     Performance Enforcement Department
PED is an important arm of the OPC in ensuring that the delivery of the public service is enhanced.PED is a Department under OPC that was established through a presidential decree delivered at the opening ceremony of National Bank Headquarters Building in Blantyre on 23rd July 2012. The State President echoed the same in her State of Nation Address to National Assembly on the opening of the 44th Session of the National Assembly on 8th February 2013 and the was formalized through an establishment warrant. The directive established the Programmes and Projects Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Department as a delivery unit in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) to oversee,...
5     Evaluation Process
• To be done in August each year. • External evaluators need to verify and confirm existence of evidence and extent of achievement of targets • MDAs should have the following documents before evaluation: Approved budget for the year, Strategic plan, Annual operation work plan, Financial plan, Procurement plan, 4th Quarter and annual reports • MDAs to provide verifiable evidence of achievements of targets • Physical site verification visits might be undertaken at the discretion of the External Evaluators
6     Reports Submission
• MDAs must submit quarterly progress reports within two weeks following the end of the quarter • MDAs must submit annual reports to the Chief Secretary within a month (30 days) upon completion of the financial year for purposes of evaluation.

Ground Truthing

Enhancement of effective implementation of Programmes and Projects